Wholly Holy

God is completely holy, completely incapable of failure or sin. God demands that we be holy, too. But, the Bible says that we are not capable of being holy… it sounds like an impossible problem! God is perfect and we are so incapable of perfection that it seems like it’s pointless to even try!

We are not holy because of what we do, we are made holy because of Who we know! We are holy by association! Jesus Christ cleanses us of all our sin.

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Joy in the Sowing

When you work in a garden, you plant, then water, and eventually you harvest. You wouldn’t bother with a garden if you didn’t have the promise of the harvest, because that’s the payoff! Spiritually, we are called to sow the seeds of the gospel into people and to water them with love and attention. The hard truth of spiritual gardening is that there is no guarantee that we will get to see the harvest, but we can find joy in the sowing!

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