God's Lovingkindness

In Psalm 63, David wrote from the wilderness that, even in the desert with a lack of water, God's lovingkindness was more important than water and better than life itself.

Being kind is not being permissive about sin - Jesus, our ultimate example was never abrasive nor condemning; rather, His kindness drew people in.

God chose to create a living example of His kindness in the life of Hosea when he called the prophet to marry a prostitute. Even after saving her from a horrible life of sin and despair, Gomer eventually returned to prostitution, just as Israel returned to their other gods. Nevertheless, God sent Hosea to an auction block to reclaim is lost wife, paying any cost to retrieve her. God has made that same sacrifice on our behalf, seeking to purchase us when we have squandered every blessing he has given us.

Scriptures used: Psalm 63, Hosea 2:16-3:5, John 4, Isaiah 63:7, Jeremiah 29:11, Ephesians 4:31-32, Luke 6:35.