Fasting: An Invitation by God

Our church is preparing for a three-night prayer revival. The Bible frequently correlates fasting and prayer and demonstrates that the two working in tandem are powerful in drawing us into a closer walk with God so that we can see His will and open a pathway to receiving His blessing.

Often, our thoughts on fasting are not Biblical, however... Fasting is not a form of self-punishment, nor is it a way to somehow "pay" for our sin. Fasting is not something unpleasant that God forces on His people - rather, it is an invitation He extends that we can choose to accept; when we fast, we put aside ourselves and devote more time to prayer and fellowship with God.

Listen to Pastor Dennis explain the spiritual invitation of fasting in this sermon. Scriptures used: Acts 13:1-4; Ecclesiastes 5:2; Acts 14:23; Isaiah 58:6; Luke 18; Matthew 17:14-20. (Pay special attention to an alternative look at this final passage in Matthew at the end of the sermon!)