Crossway's Physical Exam Part 1

For our physical health, we need an annual exam just to check us over and make sure everything is okay. Generally, it's not the things that are on the surface that the doctor is looking for - there are little signs and under-the-surface things that are small now, but may become big later. Those things must be health with when they are small or the health of the body is at risk. As Pastor Dennis said in this message - "Things that don't get fixed eventually become things that can't be fixed."

 For our spiritual health, we need even more regular examinations. And often, it's the small, seemingly insignificant things that are the beginning of bigger problems.

In part one of this two-part message, Pastor Dennis begins to explain the concept of spiritual health and its impact on the children of Israel,  giving us a preview of what is coming next week - our own church's physical examination, inspired by the exams Jesus gave the churches of Asia in the book of Revelation.

Scriptures used: Revelation 2:23, Joshua Chapters 1-8, Joshua 6:18-20, Revelation 1:1-3