My Own Worst Enemy

We are all guilty of being a bit worldly - our fleshly desires can sometimes outweigh our spiritual ones. Often, the issues we face are clear because we know sin when we see it and we often know that the things we are doing are wrong. But there are sneaky sins that slip past us. We don’t often think of ourselves guilty of idolatry (after all, who has a statue in their house they bow down to?), but anything can become an idol if it takes priority over our commitment to God.

God has given us the history of Israel to read because it is such a good comparison to our own lives - the Israelites have a season of closeness with God and then they begin to draw away, usually evident by their ever-present complaining. So often, when Israel gets into trouble, it is not because they are being pressed by an external threat (though they had many of those) - it is most often caused by something that occurred within the tribe. We, too, are so often knocked off track by our own wandering minds and hearts.

Have you ever sat down and looked at the issues in your life and honestly said, “I think I’m the problem!” We don’t often get so honest, even with ourselves. Nevertheless, despite our own failures, God still looks after us and considers us a friend.

Scriptures used: Romans 7:14-25; Colossians 3:1-10; Numbers 11:1-8, 18-20; Isaiah 29:8; James 1:12-15; James 2:23