Collision Course with Christ


In Luke 7, we find ourselves looking at the inevitable collision of two groups. One is a funeral procession bearing great sorrow as they carried the only son of a widowed woman to his grave. The other group was Jesus and His disciples who were joyously moving through the city. 

Both groups were at the city gate, on a collision course. But when anything collides with Jesus, His power always overwhelms whatever it comes against! The joy of Jesus’ crowd quickly overcomes the sorrow of the funeral procession as Jesus heals the man and restores a widow’s son!

Today, Jesus is still colliding with our lives, with our burdens, and His way is always higher, His hand always stronger. He brings calm to chaos, healing to sickness, provision to poverty. 

Scriptures used: Luke 7:11-17; Mark 5:21; 1 Corinthians 15:42-44, 53-55; Matthew 21:42