What is Your Aim?

If we do not have a definite target in our efforts, whatever they may be, we run the risk of hurting people. If we’re not careful with our parenting, our children can be put in harm’s way. If we’re not thoughtful in our marriage, our spouse may get emotionally hurt.

This week, Dennis outlines several areas of our life where we need a target so our actions are guided and we can be successful in our endeavors.

  1. What is your aim as a parent?

  2. What is your aim as a spouse?

  3. What is your aim as a Christian? (other than getting to Heaven…)

  4. What is your aim as a member of the church?

  5. What is Dennis’ aim as the pastor of this church?

  6. What is the aim of CrossWay Fellowship Church?

Above all, we must remember our aim is always love.