Don't Neglect Your Gift


You have a gift, whoever you are… don’t neglect it and don’t let them grow cold; fan your flames! The survival of the gospel and of this church relies upon each believer using their gifts.

Not everyone has the same gifts or gifts in the same magnitude. Yes, all believers can pray and all believers have faith, but some have a magnified ability. For some, their faith is so concrete that nothing can shake it. Some can pray for others with a heart that bleeds for that other person. Some have a gift to lead, but it is equally important that some have a gift to follow and give support to those leaders.

Even though everyone has had gifts “downloaded” to them by God, many Christians don’t use their gifts. That may be because they don’t have the confidence to use them or simply that they didn’t recognize the gift they were given. Be aware - we all have gifts, God wants us to put them to use and the enemy wants to keep them bottled up. We all should work to identify and mature the gifts we have been given, keeping in mind that we should be responsible with our talents and allow God to direct us in our use of them. We must also be patient with believers who are beginning to explore the gifts they’ve been given and allow them to have some space and understanding as they mature.

Scriptures used: 1 Tim. 4:11-16, 2 Tim. 1:3-7, Ephesians 4:11-16