I Fought the Lord and the Lord Won


Fighting against people, to some degree, is inevitable. There are people who will stand in the way of the kingdom of God and that alone will bring us to a place of contention. What we must be careful of is that we never find ourselves in conflict with God! That is a fight that we cannot win!

Solomon and his offspring found themselves in conflict with God - they had turned away from the path God had laid out for His people. This resulted in the division of the kingdom and ultimately to its demise. Nebuchadnezzar found himself in conflict with God and that landed him in a position where he was completely humbled and broken.

Sometimes, God allows us to get knocked down, to be humbled, to have our world broken and destroyed - not to punish us or make us suffer, but to give us an opportunity to rebuild ourselves in accordance with His will which is always a better path!

Scriptures used: 2 Chronicles 13:10-18, Acts 5:34-39, Exodus 14:13, Daniel 4:28

Full sermon notes below:

I Fought the Lord and the Lord Won

2 Chronicles 13:12 - You can’t fight God and win!

Because of Solomon’s mistakes, the kingdoms and Israel (led by Jeroboam) and Judah (led by Abijah) were split. Israel brought 800,000 soldiers to battle against the 400,000 of Judah. The warning in 2 Chronicles was Abijah’s word to Jeroboam - You can’t fight the Lord and win! Even though Jeroboam was clever and sent an ambush against the people of Judah, God stepped in and defeated Jeroboam’s men.

2 Chronicles 13:10-18 - If you’re not fighting for God, then you’re fighting against him.

Acts 5:34-39

Fighting against people is inevitable - there are some people who work to silence the gospel because they don’t believe in it and there are also people who believe in the Bible in part, but want it their way. We may have to disagree with and even work against people, but we don’t want to find ourselves fighting against God!

Exodus 14:13

God is going to fight for you, if you can just hold still and be quiet and let Him have His will. Rather than fighting God and better than fighting your own battles, allow God to take care of the enemy on your behalf!

Sometimes, God deals us a blow and knocks us down. Not because He is fighting against us, but on our behalf so we can get our act straightened out. It’s hard to know if someone is going through difficulty because God has allowed them to go through it for their benefit, so we must be careful with the kind of help we give people. We should extend hands to those who are going through difficulties, but we don’t want to stand in the way of a God-ordained trial that is meant to put someone back on the right path.

Daniel 4:28

Nebuchadnezzar was humbled by God. He fought God and ended up eating grass in a field like an ox, long hair and long nails…  Eventually, Nebuchadnezzar got his sense of reason back and, in that moment, he was willing to acknowledge that “the Most High rules the kingdoms of men.” At that point, Nebuchadnezzar’s words had changed… He made decrees with a lot of “me” and “I” in them, but was now using “you” and “Him” - the authority in his world had changed from himself to God.

A closing thought: What if we fought against the devil like we sometimes fight against God?