Singing, Sermons & Soggy Saints


The purpose of a sponge is cleaning. The purpose of Christians is affecting and ministering to others. A sponge is only effective when it soaks up water and then is squeezed so the water comes to the surface and is transferred to other things. Christians should sing songs of praise, listen to sermons, and soak up the message of the Gospel. But being a Christian doesn’t end there - we must get out there and find situations that put the squeeze on us so we can transfer that Gospel to the lives of others.

All soaking and no squeezing makes one soggy! We get “soggy” when we spend a lot of time soaking up the Gospel through messages and songs, but we don’t transfer it to others and really do the work of God

You might be a soggy saint if…

  1. ...the sermons and the singing no longer move you.

  2. has lost its excitement for you. (If it’s become just a duty or responsibility)

  3. ...the joy of salvation has turned to boredom. (David said, “Lord, restore to me the joy of my salvation!)

  4. ...if you’re in a church-going rut. (You can get out of a rut! You might recognize that you're in a rut if you get bent out of shape any time something changes in the songs or sermons in service. Like a sponge, you can only take in so many songs and sermons before you’re waterlogged and you have to squeeze it out and share it! The more you a squeeze out, the more you’ll want to take in!)

We have to learn how to balance being ministered to and ministering to others.