Yesterday, Today, and Forever


God gives us the ability to become fearproof. If we can only learn three things about the nature of God, then we can live full, peaceful lives without any fear.

  1. Yesterday’s forgiveness

  2. Today’s favor

  3. Tomorrow’s faithfulness

We may have made mistakes in our past, and it may be hard to forgive ourselves. It may even be hard to really understand the forgiveness of God since it is so hard for us to let go of things that other people do to us. Forgiving and forgetting is something that is difficult for us, but is something God does every day! We can quit worrying about our past because His mercies are new every morning!

God shows us his favor for us, His beloved children, by providing four things every day: provision for us, protection from evil and danger, power to overcome the enemy, and His divine presence.

The real key, is our faithfulness for tomorrow. If we can throw our cares to God and truly be faithful that He will be there to provide for us, then we have nothing to fear!