Press In, Press On

2019-02-24 Press In Press On Title.png

Press in! Jesus is attainable, He is within reach!

It’s easy to say read your Bible, pray, come to church and you can get closer to God… but if you go home and just throw open your Bible, you might find yourself in some obscure verse and not really feel like it got you any closer to God...

Four simple ways to get closer to God:

  1. Meditate. Give thought to and contemplate on the things of God. And meditate on the Word. Psalm 1:1-6

  2. Short, Simple Prayers - It’s not about the length of our prayers, but the content, the heart, in them. We should be communicating with God in these short, simple prayers many times a day.

  3. Slowly cut back on distractions. We don’t have to cut TV or smart phones from our lives to get close to God, but we could all use to dial them down a bit so we can hear God’s voice. He often speaks in a whisper so we must draw closer to hear HIm.

  4. Be Positive, Speak Positive. We’re living in a negative world and it needs some positivity. Quit griping! Romans 8:28

Scriptures used: Philippians 3:12-15, James 4:4-8, Mark 5:24-34, Acts 17:27-28, Psalms 1:1-6, Romans 8:28