Crossway's Physical Exam Part 1

Crossway's Physical Exam Part 1

For our physical health, we need an annual exam just to check us over and make sure everything is okay. Generally, it's not the things that are on the surface that the doctor is looking for - there are little signs and under-the-surface things that are small now, but may become big later. For our spiritual health, we need even more regular examinations.

Symptom or Source?

If you are sick, you’re not going to get any better by only treating your symptoms. You have to treat the problem at the source. If you’re lost in sin, you’re not going to get any better by trying to change your actions. You have to let Jesus transform your heart and mind and tackle the problem at the source.

The church is not helping the world by pointing out sin. If we want to help the world, we have to lead them to God, the only one who can fix the source of the problem.

Scripture used: John 8

Romans Chapter Eight: The Christian Fate

We once lived under The Law. If you broke it, punishment came instantly - an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. The Law sentenced everyone to death because we could not keep it. But there's good news! Jesus paid for our sin and we are no longer under the law! We are made righteous in Jesus!

Brotherly Love: A Commandment from God

We are called to lay down our lives to live and care for one another. Love isn't a word or a series of words, it is actions we do that show love to each other. We need to focus on where we agree rather than where we differ.

Scriptures used: 1 John 3:10, Luke 15:25-32, Luke 10:30-37, James 3:8-18, Romans 12:9-21, Matthew 25


One thing all Christians have in common is temptation. The specifics of the temptations vary from person to person, but we all have them. The devil does a good job of making us feel like we're the only one struggling with our particular issue and that God is somehow disappointed in us for our failure, but, as you will see in this message, that is not the case!

Greater is He That is in You

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them:  because greater is her that is in you than he that is in the world. [1 John 4:4]

God's people have a tendency to live like we're defeated - like the devil can get us down. God's people should live with confidence, and boldness, and authority. Through the blood of Jesus, we are winners - satan cannot overcome God's people.

I Run to You, Lord, to Hide Me

When you're under fire, if you're under faith, then you're under God's control! We have a tendency to hide from our problems - we might even seek a way to hide in drugs, alcohol, or some other distraction. But, when the pleasure of our escape wears off, the problem is still there... God's word gives us a safe place, a shelter in Him that surpasses all others.
In this message, Pastor Dennis likens our refuge in Christ to Noah's refuge in the Ark. It's a fantastic message that you won't want to miss!
Scriptures used include: Psalm 143, Psalm 119:105-117, Genesis 8:8, John 6:67, Luke 22:31, Matthew 26:69-75, and readings from Revelations.

Fasting: An Invitation by God

Our church is preparing for a three-night prayer revival. The Bible frequently correlates fasting and prayer and demonstrates that the two working in tandem are powerful in drawing us into a closer walk with God so that we can see His will and open a pathway to receiving His blessing.

Often, our thoughts on fasting are not Biblical, however... Fasting is not a form of self-punishment, nor is it a way to somehow "pay" for our sin. Fasting is not something unpleasant that God forces on His people - rather, it is an invitation He extends that we can choose to accept; when we fast, we put aside ourselves and devote more time to prayer and fellowship with God.

Listen to Pastor Dennis explain the spiritual invitation of fasting in this sermon. Scriptures used: Acts 13:1-4; Ecclesiastes 5:2; Acts 14:23; Isaiah 58:6; Luke 18; Matthew 17:14-20. (Pay special attention to an alternative look at this final passage in Matthew at the end of the sermon!)